You may have stumbled across our beautiful Sunflower field when walking the footpaths in wider Dunham Estate, or, you may have seen pictures on social media. However you found us, we are pleased that you did. 

The Sunflowers are a wonderful sight, but above all the field is providing the perfect habitat for an abundance of insects, pollinators and other species. 

We'd love to take this opportunity to share with you why the Sunflowers are here.


We farm with nature in a number of different ways. By planting the Sunflowers, we have created a habitat like no other! The unsung heroes of Farming - bees, butterflies, insects and other pollinators - have made themselves at home on this nectar rich field. If you're quiet, you may be able to hear the buzzing of busy bees.

Soil Health:

With their deep tap roots, the Sunflowers are a fantastic break crop from our usual arable rotation. Their roots aerate the soil whilst also creating a nutrient rich base for our future crops, which ensures our next crop thrives.


Not only is the Sunflower field good for nature and for our soil, but it is also a wonderful spectacle to help lift spirits. We are so pleased to hear of your lovely stories relating to this field. With the colour yellow representing happiness, optimism and warmth, this bright field is something comforting and enjoyable during these strange and uncertain times. We hope that it has sparked a conversation amongst neighbours, friends and strangers to bring us all back together!

Don't forget...this is still an agricultural crop that we intend to harvest in the coming months. Whilst we want everyone to enjoy it, please be mindful and keep to the footpath (All Public footpaths are the dotted lines on the map below). 

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If you have not yet visited, please see the map below for how to find us. Don't forget to tag us in your photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

How To Visit


  • If you can't walk or cycle, please pre-book a parking space at Dunham Massey park.

  • Please keep to the footpaths, the crop still has an agricultural purpose.

  • Dogs are welcome but must be on a lead at all times.

  • Don't pick or damage the Sunflowers.

  • Bicycles can be locked to the gate on Oldfield Lane (number 6 on the map below)

  • Only access trough the styles for the footpaths.